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Alexander Technique

Christine Birtwhistle

Christine Birtwhistle

After experiencing how the technique helped me with neck and back pain I decided to become a practitioner.

Some 25 yrs later and after witnessing how it has helped people from all ages and many different problems I am as enthusiastic about the technique as ever.

It is gentle but very effective for many problems as I work with the whole person to enable the person to understand how the body is affected by the mind.

Rather than a therapy it can be described as 'lessons in changing habit patterns' which are formed in the mind then translated into movement of the body.

What conditions can Alexander Technique help with?

Backache, joint pain, RSI, stiff neck and shoulders
Stress, emotional and many other issues using whole body work
Improved breathing helps clear the mind - good for general wellbeing and for studying
Who can benefit from Alexander Technique?

It is possible for practically anyone to rediscover freedom and ease in movement.

The technique helps a person to recognise and become aware of tensions involved with movement and how the mind affects movement of the body.
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